Tips On How To Get Through Life With Back Pain

It may come as a surprise to you, but a lot of back pain suffers are able to have quite normal lives. However, if you are a back pain sufferer, this comment might be a surprise to you.

Are you dealing with aching back pain? Try not to do twisting motions. Twisting your spine is a major cause of serious back injuries. You can damage your back by doing this even if you don’t do any heavy lifting. For example, poor posture while vacuuming can damage your back. When you are active, be careful of how you move your spine. Take a break if you start hurting.
Don’t slouch when performing household chores like vacuuming. If you’re bent over constantly pushing and reaching forward while you vacuum, it will be causing you back pain. When you are vacuuming, maintain good posture by standing up straight and using your legs rather than your back to move the vacuum. This can prevent any back pain.
You can prevent back pains by always assessing the weight of items you want to lift. If the box contains heavy objects, it could shock your back. Never rely on what is printed on the outside of the box, or if there is a picture showing its contents to determine what’s inside. You can also try treatment options. Rather than prescription meds, have a look at CBD or a natural opioid alternative.
You can protect your back during those long days at the desk by simply taking walks on your breaks. An accumulation of compression on the muscles and discs in your back can be avoided by standing and stretching your arms and legs, thereby exercising muscles that have been dormant.
If you have back pain, talk to your doctor so you can get a diagnosis. Your doctor will runs tests and take them into account along with medical history and other factors he may deem relevant to your condition.
It is commonly believed that two of three people are going to have some kind of back pain. Lots of people think that back pain can be traced to a single injury or incident. Quite often, only the latest in a sequence of events contribute to back pain.
Be cautious about how you sleep at night. You may have to get used to it, but lying on your back works best for good back health. And it is the ideal position for using a heat pad. Make sure that you do not sleep on your stomach.
If you have used every back remedy you could think of to no avail, you might consider seeing a chiropractor. The chiropractor will take x-rays, and you can then discuss how to go about treating it. Your pain will go away slowly but surely.
Try alternating cold and then hot packs to relieve back pain. Ice will help relieve the pain and reduce swelling. Heat works by helping your muscles relax and it also increases the blood flow to help assist healing. Try using an electric heating pad or warm bath to relieve pain but remember to not fall asleep while trying these.
Avoid triggers that can cause back spasms to eliminate the main cause of your back pain. These triggers include lack of sleep, caffeine, dehydration, low sodium, anxiety, and stress. If you get a back spasm, place a heating pad on your back and get some rest.
Be ever-vigilant about your posture. Sit with your back straight and your feet placed slightly apart. Keep your elbows to your sides. Place your monitor so that you can look straight ahead at it and not have to look up or down at it.
Stretch after exercising, when your muscles are loose and warm, to help reduce back pain. After you have exercised, make sure that you stretch during the cool-down period.
You can ease your back pains by relaxing. Try breathing exercises, meditation or perhaps yoga. If you have chronic back pain, learn and develop different deep breathing techniques. You might find that this makes the pain easier to bear.
Seek some help to effectively manage the back pain you are feeling. Don’t feel bad if you need to ask for assistance in lifting heavy items or doing chores that can make back pain worsen, such as vacuuming. You don’t want a small task like moving a box to turn into a major back problem.
It is important to have an office chair that gives you enough support for your lower back. If the lumbar region, which is the lower section of your back, does not get the proper support, you can be subject to significant amounts of back pain. Use a small pillow behind the small of your back for support.
Common back pains are a result of poor posture or an uncomfortable, unsupportive chair at work, in front of an awkwardly placed computer monitor. If you work with computers, the screen and keyboard need to be right in front of where you are sitting, and your monitor must be at eye level.
Seeing a doctor to deal with back pain is useful, but you need to be aware of which questions to ask. You need to ask about the cause, how to prevent, the treatments that are available and the risks that come with those treatments.
Always use proper lifting procedures when lifting heavy objects, and use your knees rather than your back. You could seriously injure your back by picking up a heavy item the wrong way. Bend your knees, lift the heavy item up as near your body as possible, and engage your core muscles in lifting.
A massage can be very helpful. A good masseuse has the ability to keep your pain from getting any worse. Daily life and stress can cause back pain. Your back pains should disappear and getting regular massages is a good way to prevent pain from coming back. Just make sure you continue to manage your back pain.
If you one of the many people who suffer from back pain, then you know what kind of effect in can have on all areas of your life. Your relationships will often suffer, and it can even affect your work.

Make Sure You’ll Be Able To Heal As Quickly As You Possibly Can

Doing exercises as well as taking part in sports can be an excellent option for your wellbeing. However, as those who delight in performing exercises as well as sports understand, injuries will almost always be likely. It’s essential to be prepared in the event an injury happens so it can be treated correctly. This is most likely to let it heal much more quickly. Those who are prone to knee issues may desire to research the knee braces and supports to enable them to heal any kind of injuries faster as well as make certain they can avoid injuries as much as is feasible while they still love working out or perhaps sporting activities.

Protecting against injuries is essential. Although all injuries cannot be prevented, there is a lot which can be done in order to help stay away from knee injuries while working out or perhaps actively playing sports activities. Before doing virtually any exercise or sport, make stretching a high priority. This helps warm up the muscles so they really are all set to work out and also goes a long way toward stopping injuries. People who are prone to injuries ought to consult with their medical doctor to be able to discover a lot more about precisely what they could do to be able to protect against injuries as there could be specific stretches that can assist them to prevent injuries.

Following that, a person might need to consider knee support since this might help support their particular knees when they are doing exercises or perhaps actively playing sporting activities. A knee compression sleeve might help protect the knee by keeping it supported throughout workout routines or sports thus there is actually a smaller likelihood that it’ll be injured. An assortment of unique products are obtainable, so an individual could select the right support for their particular preferences and also the workout routines or sports they enjoy.

In case a person is injured despite actions taken in order to avoid knee pain, there are items offered that will certainly support the knee during day-to-day use so it will heal more rapidly. Those who have suffered with a knee injury could want to look into making use of a knee sleeve to protect their knee beyond exercise as well as sports activities so it may heal more rapidly. It is definitely essential to rest the knee so it could heal swiftly as well as totally. Individuals who are injured should explore all the obtainable options to allow them to uncover the best one for their needs as well as make sure their own knee can heal faster. They could wish to talk with their own doctor in order to learn far more concerning the support their knee needs to help it heal because the appropriate product may depend on the type of knee injury.

In case you have problems with persistent knee issues, work with discovering precisely how to prevent far more knee injuries. If you might be injured, it really is crucial to have the correct tools available to be able to keep the knee protected while you’ll recover and also to speed up the process of healing. Check out the knit knee support options along with other knee braces today in order to learn much more with regards to how they’re able to allow you to recover and avoid injuries down the road.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly With These Workable Tips

Hypertension is a long term medical condition in which the arterial hypertension in the blood vessels is persistently increased. Hypertension places you at a risk of developing some serious health conditions for instance; stroke, poor blood circulation and heart diseases. Besides, long-term Hypertension has been medically proven to increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, heart tissues damage besides a heart attack. Hypertension cannot be linked to a direct cause hence it has been a worry to many people currently, some of who are worried about taking medication to help lower hypertension. This article will provide tips on how to lower blood pressure. Besides, by reading it, you have not to worry any-more since it provides measures beyond simply taking medication that you can implement to reduce your arterial hypertension, for instance, by making a right lifestyle choice hence lowering your chances of developing the long-term effects. These tips include;

Regular physical activities- it has been proven that by exercising at least 30 minutes each day a week can in return lower your arterial hypertension for approximate 5-10 mm HG. If you only possess the pre-hypertension, by undertaking regular exercises, it can be of help to prevent the full- blown Hypertension. However, if you already have hypertension, physical activities can aid to level down the arterial hypertension to a safer level. Physical exercises such as jogging, cycling, Gym activities, dancing and swimming helps to level down your blood pressure. It is always helpful and of importance to be pursuant to the training program since by stopping to exercise, this can result in subsequent arterial hypertension rise once more.

Eating a healthy diet and trying DASH – it has been experimentally proven that consumption of a diet that is plentiful in whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and avoiding a diet that is cholesterol-rich can help in levelling down your blood pressure by approximate 15 mm Hg. According to Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH), it is advisable to keep a food diary, be a smart shopper and try to include diets rich in potassium ions and finally reduce the amount of the sodium you consume. This helps to reduce hypertension. Also, weight loss is another key factor to consider since Hypertension is directly proportional to weight increase. Weight loss according to experiments has been rated as one of the most efficient lifestyle approaches in controlling Hypertension

Restrict amount of alcohol -it is advisable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink since by taking it in small amounts helps to reduce your arterial hypertension by approximately 5 mm Hg. Drinking responsibly and setting a moderates amounts that are not too much can be of help. When alcohol is taken in excess, it raises your blood pressure by notable points besides cutting down the efficiency of arterial hypertension medication.

Reduce and manage stress and anxiety – stress and anxiety lead to a temporary increase in blood pressure. You can engage in activities such as; eating right and training which mainly help to deal with daily stress besides helping you to stay calm. Moreover, other forms of relaxation such as deep breathing, personal meditation besides a routine that concentrates mainly on calming activities such as drinking a cup of chamomile tea in the morning. Besides you can also reduce hypertension by stopping smoking which is another key factor to consider. Every single cigarette you smoke levels up your blood pressure. Besides, it is recommendable to limit the amount of caffeine since it also raises your arterial hypertension by approximate 10 mm Hg.


I would recommend to you the workable tips discussed above such as;

• Regular physical activities

• Eating a healthy diet and trying DASH

• Limiting the amount of the sodium intake

• Practising weight loss

• restrict the amount of caffeine intake

• Restrict amount of alcohol

• stopping smoking

• Reduce and manage your stress and anxiety

These tips provide solutions on how to lower blood pressure to a significant degree besides diminishing your chances of developing other major complications that result from Hypertension such as cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, and other heart diseases.

5 Ways to Control Your Blood Pressure

How to Control Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force at which blood pumps from the heart into the arteries. A normal pressure reading is less than 120/80 mmHg. Is there any possibility to manage your blood pressure levels without depending the medicines? Yes, an indispensable part of managing high pressure is healthy lifestyle. Apart from being important for the prevention of high pressure, it reduces the dependency on medicines. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure or concerned about the risk factors, remember that high pressure is manageable. By adopting the below given lifestyle changes, you can confidently keep your blood pressure under check.

Check Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your Body Mass Index is a measure of your health; as long as you are into the range of 18 – 25, you are fine and you are putting less burden on your heart as your blood pressure is under check. However, if your BMI goes beyond 25 or more, it means you are carrying extra weight and putting added burden or pressure on every part of your body including your heart.

Start Physical Activity

If you are leading a sedentary life, then you are at high risk of high blood pressure. Ensure at least 20 – 30 minutes of exercise, physical activity or walking most days of the week. You can notice the difference in your BP levels within a few weeks of physical activity. If you have pre-hypertension, then regular exercise or physical activity can help you avoid developing high pressure. If you have some health concerns, then talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen as you may need some exercise limitations.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is beneficial as you lose weight your blood pressure also reduces. If you carry extra weight around your waistline, it will put you at a greater risk of high pressure. Therefore, in addition to losing weight, you should also watch your waistline and, if you are a man ensure that your waistline measurement is under 36 cm and if woman, then ensure that it is not greater than 32 cm.

Prefer Healthier Food Options

What you eat really matters for your pressure and heart’s health. Eating low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains and avoiding a diet rich in fat and cholesterol may help reduce your blood pressure. Avoid eating junk food – the food high in salt, sodium and fat – if you prefer eating outside and include potassium rich food like vegetables, fruits and coconut water. potassium is good for your heart as it lessens the effects of sodium on BP. Limit your sodium intake to about 6 g per day. Packaged foods contain sodium; therefore, in each serving keep a track of sodium you take. And also maintain the amount of sodium you consume each day; this will help you to decide the foods to have or avoid. Avoid salt and use herbs and spices to season the food you make at home.

Avoid Alcohol

Though drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial for health, yet there lies more harm than benefits in alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol in excess of two or more drinks a day for men and more than one drink for women proves potentially harmful. Alcohol raises the blood pressure by several points. Alcohol, in addition to increasing the blood pressure also reduces the effectiveness of pressure medications. If you are a heavy drinker, be cautious and stop drinking under the supervision of a health care practitioner only – who will advise you to reduce it gradually.

Do Goitrogenic Foods Negatively Affect Thyroid Health?

Goitrogens are compounds found naturally in certain plants. Animal studies suggest these foods may interfere with uptake of iodine, essential to thyroid function.

Without sufficient iodine, the pituitary releases thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and promotes the growth of thyroid tissue, which eventually leads to enlargement of the gland, or goiter. If the goiter grows large, it can interfere with the trachea and esophagus and cause coughing or swallowing and breathing difficulties. However, any substance that interferes with thyroid function is a concern for patients with thyroid autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease who already struggle with thyroid hormone production.

Which Plants Are Goitrogenic?
Several animal studies show the following raw cruciferous vegetables affect iodine intake and thyroid metabolism:

· Bamboo shoots

· Bok Choy

· Brassicae seeds

· Broccoli

· Brussel sprouts

· Cabbage

· Cassava

· Cauliflower

· Kale

· Kohlrabi

· Mustard and Mustard greens

· Peaches

· Radishes

· Rutabagas

· Soy & soybean products

· Spinach

· Strawberries

· Turnips

What Does This Mean For Thyroid Patients?
You probably read this list and thought, “Why can’t I eat these foods when they’re supposed to be good for me?” and justifiably so. After all, many of these foods are high in vital nutrients essential for good health.

The limited research done so far does not suggest eating reasonable amounts of these foods inhibits thyroid activity. However, a diet that heavily relies on goitrogenic foods might negatively affect patients with thyroid autoimmune disorders.

A tailored diet for optimal thyroid function makes more sense, rather than a broad elimination of all these foods. At this point, not one human study confirms cruciferous vegetables cause thyroid function deficiency.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s research spanning fifty years suggests it not that these are “bad” foods. They may not be the right foods for particular people. He states “cruciferous vegetables could only be detrimental to thyroid function in cases of iodine deficiency or insufficient iodine intake”, and may not cause problems at all if consumed in reasonable amounts.

How Much Can I Eat?
Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this questions since every patient differs. However, within the functional model of care it is possible to work with your practitioner to discover what works best for you.

Generally, most patients with thyroid conditions can tolerate one or two servings of raw goitrogenic foods every day without any problems. Others may need to steam their vegetables to reduce goitrogenic activity.

If a patient wants to include soy in their diet fermented soy is preferable, however some evidence suggests soy and soybean products may interfere with the absorption of thyroid medication in hypothyroid patients. Patients should not rely heavily on soy in their diet as it is goitrogenic.


Eating a few servings of these foods daily shouldn’t be a problem, even if you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Graves’ disease. However, they do affect iodine metabolism and if you already have an iodine deficiency it does increase risk.

Even though cooking these foods may decrease the goitrogenic activity, avoid eating too many of these foods. Discuss your concerns with your practitioner and work with them to create a diet plan that works best for you.

The Causes of Thyroid Problems

Deep down you probably feel that the health challenges you face may be linked to an over or under active thyroid. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped endocrine gland that sits at the front of the neck.

Although we as a people tend to over complicate health issues we can also see things for what they are and take action to remediate the root cause. This root cause is too many toxins going in and not enough getting processed out.

Whether it is from being exposed to mold toxins, lack of nutritious food (our top soil is majorly depleted in the United States making it hard to get vitamins/minerals from the food you eat), heavy metals from amalgam fillings, everyday toxins from chlorinated or even fluoridated water supplies as well as toxins from commercial cosmetics, deodorants and soaps it is hard for the body to handle the stressors over time.

So what it comes down to is the thyroid is likely challenged with toxins and/or it is not getting the adequate nutrition it needs to optimally function.

What then is the goal to thyroid health?

The goal is to eliminate the stressors, cleanse the body and rebuild with the essential nutrients needed for it to work.

What happens then?

The body has super intelligence and it will begin to work its miracles since it has been given an environment to thrive.

So how can you do that?

Well first you start with clearing out your colon.

You open the main gateway for the toxins to leave.

If the colon is plugged up with undigested food and a life time of improper food combining, processed foods and GMO’s the body will not feel safe to release toxins.

These toxins then get stored in the fat and you create a protective layer or layers of fat to keep the organs safe.

Then you can clean out your kidneys by using specific herbs to help clear stones, cysts and other particulates like heavy metals. You might have to do several rounds of these herbs to get this channel of elimination flowing and strong.

Now it’s time to fine tune your liver. The liver is responsible for filtering toxins and regulating hormone production. If this filter is clogged with bacteria, yeast, stones and parasites there is no way the body can function correctly.

Think of the fluids of your body for a moment. Would you rather them be like a murky, stagnant pond or a crystal clear river flowing effortlessly to each area of the body including your thyroid gland. With a healthy lymphatic system, vital minerals can be transported to the organs that most need it and the gut bacteria becomes balanced to help keep your immune system strong.

If You Enjoy Freedom, Then Meditate

What role does meditation play in Buddhism?

That might seem like a strange question. It plays an important role, certainly. It’s one of the key pillars of the faith.

But what, exactly, does it do?

In Christianity, the purpose of prayer is to connect you with God. Some see it as literally talking to Him, while others see it as opening yourself up to receive what He has to offer.

There are elements of this in Buddhism, sure.

It’s also completely different.

Meditation is nothing short than the pursuit of freedom. I’m writing this a couple of days before the United States celebrates the 4th of July, so maybe freedom is on my mind. I stand by it, though. The practice offers nothing short of total liberation.

Freedom and liberation from what, though?

The world holds many temptations, lures and distractions. These aren’t all bad things. For an altruist, helping people in need is deeply rewarding.

Virtue is a vice when it’s something you can’t ignore.

Then there are the real distractions – what most people think of as vices. People chase these things, even if getting them won’t help them.

Think of someone desperate for a promotion so they can move from a suburban box to a larger suburban box. This goal might consume years of hard work and frustration. As soon as they get it, they feel unsatisfied. They start looking for the next bigger box to acquire.

Ambition and commerce have their place. Things go awry when people believe that they’ll be happy once they reach the next milestone.

They work for years to build themselves a prison.

Maybe you don’t own a house. That doesn’t make you free if your prison is made of other pursuits.

For some, they must keep up with the latest fashions.

Others buy gadgets they don’t want or need.

Still others drudge for 11.5 months of the year to afford a brief holiday.

If these are what give life meaning, they’ll always feel less than fulfilled.

There’s always something new to chase. So what would happen if they stopped chasing? What if, for a moment, they ripped their eyes away from the distant horizon and looked around them?

The moment they find themselves in the moment, they begin to feel free. This might be for the first time in their lives.

What happens next is up to them. Maybe they’ll still pursue the promotion, only this time they do it with both eyes open. They don’t defer satisfaction to some future event outside their control. They seize their attention and bring it to the present.

In a world where everyone looks forward or back, being present is true freedom.

When you train your mind, things change for you. Some of those are easy to explain, like having more emotional control, energy and creativity.

Others are harder to explain.

It all adds up to one great big ball of freedom, though. Your own thoughts can be the most insidious prison. They can also free you when everything else is restrained.

3 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

We are used to believe that sugar is life. For many of us, letting go of sweets constitutes true heresy. We believe that the worst thing about diabetes is you can’t have sweets.

Couple of years ago, I couldn’t imagine letting go of sugar. It was everything for me!

My whole world revolved around its sweet taste and the pleasure it brought. I firmly believed that without sugar, life wouldn’t be worth living.

Later on I realized something was wrong, that I was too dependent on sweets. I did some heavy research and stopped eating sugar for good

Here are the top reasons why.


Sugar is highly addictive. Your body loves it because of all the easy-to-consume calories it provides.

Sugar is hyperpalatable, and that’s exactly what our brain wants and rewards for. In the distant past this was a sound strategy. Food was scarce, and tapping into rich energy source meant surviving in harsh environment.

Today, it rather means obesity and diabetes, but we can’t explain it to our subconscious.

In addition, sweet taste is a sign of food you can safely eat, and we learn it since we’re born thanks to our mother’s breast milk. That’s right, it’s also a little sweet because of the lactose it contains.

In short, sugar delivers a killer combo that’s hard to resist, hooking you up once and for all.


Addiction is not the only danger of sugar. This substance is also responsible for obesity epidemic we have on our hands.

Did you know that by 2050, obese people will constitute the majority of population? Well, sugar is responsible for it.

It does so in a pretty complicated way. First, it makes your body more insulin resistant. This causes your pancreas to work harder and produce more insulin each time you eat, storing large part of incoming calories in fat cells.

Second, extra insulin blocks the hormone called “leptin” which signals your brain you’ve eaten enough. This causes you to eat more because your body thinks it’s starving. Note this is partially true, because a serious chunk of your meal was just turned into fat.

Sugar also causes visceral fat, the most dangerous kind there is. There’s a term “T.O.F.I.”, which stands for “thin on the outside, fat on the inside”. This is a very serious condition, as organs coated with fat can fail any moment.

Diabetes and Cancer

Finally, sugar leads to deadly disease. The first one is diabetes. As you know, sugar causes your body to become more resistant to insulin. When you abuse sugar long enough, it becomes chronic.

When this happens, your body loses the ability to process the incoming food. Since most things you eat are converted to blood sugar before further processing, high insulin resistance means certain death. This is the point where people need insulin shots just to stay alive.

The corporations tell us that diabetes is hereditary, and this is partly true. The type 1 diabetes is indeed caused by the genes, but that’s absolute minority of cases. The majority is type 2, which can perfectly be acquired if you don’t watch your sugar intake.

The second threat associated with sugar is cancer. Numerous studies have shown that high levels of sugar can lead to development of cancer cells. It makes perfect sense because sugar is a great nutrient. Having lots of it in your bloodstream gives your enemy the energy to survive and flourish.

Think about it when you eat that extra chocolate bar. Do you really want to take a chance? Especially considering many other health problems that sugar causes directly or indirectly.

I’m pretty sure that in the future we will discover more about the deadly effects of sugar on our health. What you should do right now is avoid sugar as much as possible, because the corporations have turned it into a weapon against us.

2 Weeks Diet Plan

Statistics show that approximately 45 million Americans go on a diet
each year. In fact, most of them make an average of four to six dieting
attempts annually. This implies that their first three dieting trials often
fail. Ideally, dieting can be a puzzling process. It can take a toll on your
self-esteem. This is why most people quickly get demotivated and end up
ditching dieting for good.
If you’re currently battling with dieting and about
to throw in the towel, then maybe there are some things you’re overlooking.
Here are the top four reasons why most dieting attempts fail time and again.

·Impracticable and Unreasonable
Calorie Intake

Calorie budget is paramount and should be the first consideration to
keep in mind. Calories are a measure of the amount of energy in the food you
eat. If you’re putting yourself in starvation mode, then you’re hurting your
dieting efforts. When you consume very little food, your body virtually shuts
down to save fuel. This places you in a fat loss plateau. Though it is prudent
to lower your overall calorie intake, consider doing so in a manner that
doesn’t hurt your metabolism.

·Ignoring Filling Nutrients

Proteins and fiber are the recommended satiety-boosting nutrients
for dieters. Proteins break down at a slow pace thus giving the body a
long-lasting satiety. This helps to curb emotional eating and cravings.
Combining proteins with fiber from vegetables and fresh fruits can potentially
slow down digestion and cut down food cravings. Even though most crash diet
plans recommend vegetables, they discourage fruits. They also come with very
few proteins. If you want to hasten your dieting results, then make these two
essential satiety nutrients a focus in your diet plan.

·Unrealistic Meal Prep

A meal prep that takes an hour isn’t realistic. If your meal
preparation takes an hour or more, then that might be one of the top reasons
your dieting efforts fail. A basic easy-to-implement meal prep is ideal. A plan
that takes hours can steal your free time. Find a meal prep that matches your
lifestyle then get accustomed to it.

·Long-Term Aspect

A great diet plan considers the long-term aspect. However, a diet
plan that spans for several months can quickly discourage you. It’s great to
find a diet plan that comes with a specified deadline preferably two
weeks. It should not be too short
because dieting requires patience.

What Are the Most Common Water Pollutants?


Arsenic is a heavy metal known to be very toxic. People who drink water that contains arsenic beyond EPA’s standard for many years could go through several serious health issues. These could include problems with the bladder, heart, kidney, liver and lungs.

Arsenic can cause damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as the circulatory system. Exposure to arsenic has been connected to different kinds of cancers.


Most communities include fluoride in the water they drink to promote good dental health. It is up to a community to decide whether they would like to add fluoride to their water. EPA has set a standard of 4 mg/L fluoride for drinking water. Those who drink water with fluoride beyond this level for several years could suffer from bone disease, bone pain and tenderness.

EPA has set another standard of 2 mg/L to give protection from dental fluorosis. Whether it comes in a moderate or severe form, dental fluorosis could lead to the pitting or the brown staining of permanent teeth. This only takes place in developing teeth before piercing through the gums. Kids below nine years old should never drink water with more than 2 mg/L of fluoride.


Lead typically enters the water system from plumbing in older establishments. Since August 1998, pipes and plumbing fittings made from lead have been banned. Pregnant women and children are the most prone to health risks caused by lead. To avoid lead, know how to remove it from your drinking water by reading the EPA fact sheet.


To kill the germs in drinking water, like e coli and giardia, most water suppliers add a disinfectant to the water. After heavy rains, your water system may add more disinfectants to ensure that such germs are killed.


Many people who drink water with chlorine which is more than EPA’s standard could get irritated eyes and nose, plus stomach ache.

Chloramines are often formed whenever chlorine and ammonia are combined to treat the water. Water with chloramines is safe o drink – provided that it conforms to EPA rules. On the other hand, people exposed to chloramines beyond EPA’s standard may feel some irritation in their eyes, nose and stomach.

Chlorine Dioxide is added to water to control its taste and odor. Infants and younger children who drink water with chlorine dioxide which is more than the EPA’s standard could experience anemia and nervous system effects. The same effects may also take place in fetuses of pregnant women who drink more than EPA’s standard of water with chlorine dioxide.

Disinfection Byproducts

Disinfection byproducts are formed whenever disinfectants added to water to kill germs act in response with naturally-occurring organic matter in it.

Total Trihalomethanes

When people drink water with trihalomethanes exceeding EPA’s standard for many years, they may experience health issues as regards to their central nervous systems, kidneys and liver, as well as have a higher risk of acquiring cancer.

Haloacetic Acids

Those who drink water with haloacetic acids that are above EPA’s standard for several years have a higher risk of getting cancer.


Some individuals who drink water with bromate which is beyond EPA’s standard over the years are more prone to getting cancer.


A number of infants and kids who consume water containing chlorite greater then EPA’s standard could experience anemia and nervous system effects. Similar effects may also take place in fetuses of pregnant women.